The greatest problems with those of us who are living in a world of unfulfilled dreams, desires and ambitions is that we do not hold the right consciousness. It is the thoughts we hold in our consciousness that comes out of the invisible world of realities and takes visible form in our lives according to its nature, poverty or prosperity, health or disease, happiness or misery. The whole secret of individual growth and self-development is locked up in our consciousness, for this is the door of life itself that we are trying to unlock.

Everything we experience whether it be of joy or sorrow, of health or disease, of success or failure, it has to come through our consciousness. There is no other way by which it can enter and become a part of our life. You cannot have what you are not conscious of, you cannot do what you are not conscious of being able to do. It is by nature’s law that, whatever you hold in thought, believe in your heart that you can do or have, is the substance that will manifest itself in your life. It is known that those who win out in a successful way are great believers in themselves, and in their power to succeed in the things they undertake. Success was the goal they constantly visualized, and they never wavered in their conviction that they would reach it.

We fail, not because of lack of ability, but because we do not hold the consciousness of a winner, the success consciousness. We do not live in the expectancy of winning, in the belief that we will succeed in reaching the goal of our ambitions. We live rather in the expectation of possible failure, in fear of poverty, and coming to want and need, and we get exactly what we hold in our thoughts, what we habitually dwell upon. The pinched, narrow, limited, poverty-stricken, fear-filled consciousness, the consciousness that expects stingy returns, that expects poverty and does not believe it will get anything better, is responsible for more poverty than any other thing.

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